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  2、本机主要部件选材优良,电机选用直流大功率电机,搅拌力矩大、噪音小。特制不锈钢加热管在 800C高温中老化24小时。绝缘电阻>1000,干烧时安全可靠。磁钢选用目前磁力最强的“钕铁磞”永磁做转子,确保足够的吸力和扭矩。


1. The heated vessel is totally exposed to intense thermal radiation by means of the collector heating method. The heating speed is three times that of other planar heating magnetic stirrers. The temperature is uniform and the efficiency is high, which is more suitable for heating reaction of spherical flask.
2. The main parts of the machine are selected with excellent materials. The motor is DC high-power motor with high stirring torque and low noise. The special stainless steel heating pipe is aged for 24 hours at 800C high temperature. Insulation resistance > 1000, dry and safe. Magnetic steel is selected as the rotor with the strongest magnetic force at present, so as to ensure sufficient suction and torque.
3. Reasonable structure, high-quality stainless steel stamping cooker, with special heating pipe and high-temperature sealing combination, can add water (water bath), oil (oil bath), as well as dry burning, is also the main advantages of this machine, heating part and electric box between the use of heat dissipation plate isolation, high-temperature heating stirring, does not affect the entire machine and electricity. Gas performance. According to the requirements of users, the large and small volume collector type agitator can be made.
CL-200 machine mainly uses high-power heating aluminum plate, large heating area, suitable for large-capacity flat-bottomed beaker heating stirring, can also be placed in a variety of metal containers such as (pots) do water bath, oil bath, stirring experiments, convenient and flexible.

规格型号 特征 搅拌容量 搅拌速度 加热温度 控温方式 工作电压 整机尺寸mm
CL-200 平板 最大3000 ml 无级调速  0-2600 室温-400℃ 调压控温 220V/ 50Hz 250*235*150